With the cooler weather upon us, we start to wear closed-in shoes more regularly. For some, this is easy and wonderful, however, for people with hard to fit feet, it can bring on pain.

Some conditions we tend to see more regularly in the clinic in winter are corns on and between toes, ingrown toenails, and even numb or sharp stabbing toes. These issues can often be eased with the right fitting shoes.

The right shape, length, and depth of shoe are important to keep our feet pain free. Corns, ingrown toenails, and pinched nerves are generally due to the toes and ball of the foot being squished in the shoe. Your shoes should be a shape that allows all toes to fit comfortably within the toe box (front of your shoe). Trying to fit a square foot shape into a pointy shoe is going to create problems sooner rather than later. You also want to ensure that the nails and toes aren’t touching the toe box and that there is space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

If you have trouble finding shoes that work for you, come and see one of our podiatrists for some guidance on what to look for and where for your specific foot shape and condition.

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