Shin pain – a surprisingly common, yet painful problem to encounter. You don’t have to be an athlete to experience shin pain. We see it on the daily in the clinic, people of all ages and abilities coming in complaining of pain in the shin region. If you are experiencing this, did you know that it is in most cases treatable and preventable? For some more information, read below!

Have you ever been told that you have “shin splints”? This is a common term used for pain felt within the lower legs or shins…

But what actually is it and how should it be treated? As a Podiatrist, shin pain is a very common condition that we see and treat. Symptoms will vary depending on the cause of your shin pain. Sometimes individuals feel pain at the beginning of exercise that worsens as they go. Sometimes the pain will go away after you’ve warmed up but return once you stop exercising. Sometimes you may even get pain during your first few steps in the morning… Whatever your pattern of pain, shin pain can really limit you from completing the activities you enjoy.

“Shin splints” is not actually a diagnosis – it is more of a generalised term for shin pain. Shin pain can come from medial-tibial stress syndrome, a stress fracture, posterior tibial tendinopathy, anterior compartment syndrome – and that is just to name a few! The causes for each of these conditions varies too… Some examples are: over-training, poor footwear, tight muscles, poor foot and leg biomechanics, and weak muscles.

If you are experiencing shin pain, we can assist you. Some early treatment tips are:

  • Seek an accurate diagnosis from a health professional (Podiatry, Physiotherapy, GP and etc)
  • Rest, Ice and listen to your body – don’t over-exercise on already sore shins!
  • Follow your treatment plan – your treatment will depend on your diagnosis and causative

As a Podiatrist, it is important we look at the whole individual to understand their problem and needs. At Sprenger Podiatry, we are dedicated to thoroughly examining each patient and advising on the best possible care depending on their needs and goals. For more information, or if you would like to see one of our Podiatrists, please call us on 3353 6558. We are available in several locations around Brisbane to cover all your foot and lower limb related needs.

Author: Ben Harwin (Podiatrist)