We hope you’ve had a fantastic start to 2018!

Summer is behind us and we’re already into Autumn – can you believe it? The transition from Summer to Autumn can be a tricky one with the footwear that we wear. With the temperatures getting cooler, it’s around this time that we crack out those nice pair of boots or sneakers that we keep for this exact season… If you are in the market for something new, why not treat yourself to some podiatry-endorsed brands such as Ziera, Frankie4 or Naot? We often recommend shoes from these brands and they have a great range of new shoes.

If you are having any troubles with footwear or pain in your foot, ankle or lower limb – book in with one of our expert Podiatrists today. We have 3 Podiatrists, Nick, Ben and Adie, who would love to assist you with your needs